New video blog: On cycle commuting

Welcome to yet another foray into video blogging, and this time I talk about cycle commuting, which should in theory be the easiest and most accessible form of cycling. By cycle commuting I mean not only riding to work, but using bicycles as transport more widely – to ride into town to meet friends, go to a gig or other cultural event or even for a spot of shopping.

Topics discussed include what kind of bike to use, what to wear for this kind of cycling, what to wear when it rains, what to wear on your head, how to carry your stuff, how to light (and, if you’re so inclined, film) your ride and more – very much with the focus on not having to dress in any particular (sporty) manner.

As ever, this is based on my own experience and preferences, so let’s hear your own views on what you do differently, or indeed anything you may have found helpful.



3 Responses

  1. Rob Sharrock says:

    Sorry, I gave up watching after a minute. I prefer to read a blog.
    If you must persist then don’t stand in front of a backlight, like that window. Also, fix your camera, don’t wave it around.

  2. well done. Great advice

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