This is a list of my various media appearances with links where available. As well as the below I’ve also appeared on Granada Reports, BBC Radio Manchester, Adrian Chiles on 5 Live, and Key 103.

For enquiries about press appearances/contributions please contact bangingon [at] nickhubble [dot] bike

  • Manchester Evening News article on the completion of the Great Ancoats Street overhaul in which I explain why the scheme was such a huge missed opportunity.

📻 “‘You get the cycling culture you deserve’ Active transport with Nick Hubble’ (9 June 2020)

  • Manchester Green New Deal podcast. This week on the pod we talk to Nick Hubble, otherwise known as the Prestwich Pootler (@pootlers), about cycling in Greater Manchester. We discuss how you don’t have to reinvent the wheel (sorry not sorry) to make cycling accessible to all and what we can learn from our comrades on the continent.

📰 Seven reasons to pport a cycling revolution in Greater Manchester (4 June 2020)

  • In the Meteor: Cycling campaigner Nick Hubble explains why we should take advantage of government guidance and funding to build a regional cycle network for the post-lockdown recovery.

📰 Who are Greater Manchester’s new movement of cyclists – and will they keep it up after lockdown? (8 May 2020)

  • Manchester Evening News article outlining how cycling levels have increased during the COVID-19 lockdown phase and why it’s important to maintain those gains.

📰 Sir Richard Leese says ‘we are open to working with anybody’ – we asked campaign groups what they thought (pt.2) (31 October 2019)

  • Discussion of futile efforts to engage with Manchester City Council re. the removal of bike lanes on Great Ancoats St., The Meteor.

📰 Is it safe to cycle in Manchester city centre? These are the injury blackspots (October 2019)

  • Nick Hubble, from campaign group WalkRide Greater Manchester, said he was not surprised by the number of cycling casualties in the city centre, Manchester Evening News.

📽️ National Funeral for the Unknown Cyclist

  • On Saturday 7 September 2019 I attended and spoke at the National Funeral for the Unknown Cyclist in London for the second time.

📰 Cyclists say council are going ‘backwards’ over designs for Hyde Road widening scheme (4 September 2019)

  • Nick Hubble, from Walk Ride Greater Manchester […] said the council is going ‘backwards’ after promising to improve green transport options to reduce carbon emissions, Manchester Evening News..

📻 Interview on petition to remove vehicular traffic from Deansgate, BBC Radio Manchester (3 September 2019)

  • Nick Hubble discusses the case for closing Deansgate to motor traffic following Extinction Rebellion’s four-day takeover of Manchester’s principal traffic clogged gouge (catch-up link embedded in above link).

📰 Campaigners join forces against council schemes they say ignore Manchester’s climate emergency (3 August 2019)

  • Nick Hubble believes the car park [proposed for Central Retail Park] will encourage more traffic into the city, The Meteor.

📽️ ‘Go Slow’ protest over lack of cycle lanes planned for Manchester City Centre (26 June 2019)

  • Granada Reports piece on the Great Ancoats Street protest.

📰 Great Ancoats St petition – questions answered! (23 June 2019)

  • Q&A on the petition for the installation of bike lanes on Great Ancoats St.

📽️ Citizens of Manchester promotional video

  • “Probably the best life skill I’ve ever learnt is riding a bike. It’s a very elegant solution to lots of very complex issues.” (March 2019)

📻 Discussing the case for cycling, Crossing Divides, BBC Radio Manchester (February 2019)

📻 Comment on Bury New Road as one the nation’s most congested roads – Heart FM and Capital FM evening bulletins (12 February 2019)

  • Nick Hubble cycles the road every day and experiences drivers on their phones and performing dangerous manoeuvres (no catch-up link).

📰 Chris Boardman denies bias as south Manchester’s cycling investment is nearly DOUBLE that of north Manchester (November 2018)

  • Nick Hubble, a cyclist and bike blogger from Prestwich, argues it’s the councils who need to be more proactive to get their fair share of funding, Manchester Evening News.

📽️ National Funeral for the Unknown Cyclist

  • On Saturday 13 October 2018 I attended and spoke at the National Funeral for the Unknown Cyclist in London.

📻 The Trouble With Bike Sharing – BBC World Service Business Daily (Sept 2018)

  • Why are Chinese bike-share companies struggling to replicate their success abroad? Ed Butler hears from Nick Hubble, a cycling campaigner in Manchester – the UK city where Chinese firm Mobike has just scrapped its bike-share scheme.

📽️ Family and friends hold vigil for teenager Olivia Wojciechowska who died while riding her bike (Nov 2017)

  • Ghost Bike vigil in Salford; as GM Cycling Press Officer, Manchester Evening News.

📰 Can a bike-share scheme help cycle-proof your city? (August 2017)

  • For Now Then Magazine, on Mobikes in Manchester.

📰 Our roads need to be more cycle-friendly to get most from Boris-style bike scheme, say campaigners (June 2017)

  • In Manchester Evening News, contributing as GM Cycling Press Officer.

📰 More than 150 cyclists take to Manchester roads for ‘critical mass’ celebration of cycling life (Oct 2016)

  • In Manchester Evening News, contributing as GM Cycling Press Officer.

📰 Cyclists furious after transport bosses change plans for protected lane on Oxford Road (July 2016)

  • In Manchester Evening News, contributing as GM Cycling Press Officer.

📰 ‘Dangerous’ Manchester cycle lane concreted over just weeks after it opens (May 2016)

  • In Cycling Weekly, contributing as GM Cycling Press Officer.

📰 Cycling campaigners use spoof video to slam ‘poor’ cycle paths around Exchange Square (May 2016)

  • In Manchester Evening News, contributing as GM Cycling Press Officer.

📰 City council criticised for cyclists’ lane that runs straight into a lamppost (April 2016)

  • In the Mirror, contributing as GM Cycling Press Officer.

📰 Cycling Santas Descend On Town Hall (Dec 2015)

  • In Manchester Confidential, contributing as GM Cycling Press Officer.

📰 Calls for London’s safer lorries scheme to be applied nationwide (Sept 2015)

  • In, contributing as GM Cycling Press Officer.

📽️ That’s Manchester TV Bike Month feature (June 2015)

  • As GM Cycling Press Officer.

📽️ Ghost Bikes – BBC NW Tonight (February 2015)

  • Recorded for BBC NorthWest Tonight, February 2015 for a feature on the vigil for Artur Piotr Ruszel. (As GM Cycling Press Officer.)

📷 January Tweed Ride at Manchester’s Heaton Park – Guardian (January 2015)

  • In pictures. As organiser of the Tweed Ride.